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Information added about the shows pictured, as it become available…..


This is how Two Louies describes this show:

(Dave) Clingan… organized the “Mayor’s Ball Too” alternative show in the Convention Hall at the Memorial Coliseum, as part of the 4th Mayor’s Ball on April 8th… Clingan was given a “room,” at the show, that was more like a giant concrete warehouse, where all those alternative kids could gather, remaining far from the sight of the rest of the more conservative Ball-goers. Clingan chose his performing acts wisely, skimming the cream from the local alternative scene— with bands such as Poison Idea, Napalm Beach, the Jackals, Slack, the Hell Cows, Dharma Bums, the Obituaries, Dead Moon and Untouchable Crew. The Mayor’s Ball Too was a rousing success.

According to The Ack, Dead Moon opened this show. The Hell Cows photos on this site are from this event.


January 6, 1989, Nirvana opened for Mudhoney at Satyricon in Portland, Oregon. This was Nirvana’s first Satyricon show, and their first gig outside of Washington State. David’s photos of this show are likely the only ones that exist. (SEE THE FULL SET HERE.)

Mudhoney Nirvana Satyricon Jan 6 1989 poster
In the Mudhoney photos from this show, guitarist Steve Turner wears a t-shirt with a girl’s face printed on it. While working on this site, we happened to have this set of photos with us one night when we spotted Steve Turner at a Pierced Arrows show. We showed him the photos. He said, “The girl on my shirt is my friend, Michelle.”


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